History of Slot Machines and Slot Machines Today!

Pitt and Sittman from the city of New York, USA designed the first version of what is known as the modern day slot in 1891. The initial design had five drums consisting of 50 cards and was based on the game of poker.

The design became very popular and soon most casinos adopted these machines. It had a simple mechanism. A player had to drop one nickel into the slot. This in turn spun the cards in the machine. The payout system back then was very different from what you see today.

Players were given drinks, cigars and beers. There were a lot of instances when the slot machine was adjusted to favour the house. So, it was very common for the places that hosted these machines to remove jack of hearts and ten of spades from the deck. Further, these machines could be easily tampered with as it was very easy to remove the drums and rearrange them, along with the cards.

A Simpler Version of Slot Machines

However, a simpler slot machine was designed by Charles Fey from California. There are widespread doubts about the time of invention of this machine.

Some believe that the machine was invented in the year 1887, while some says that the machine was invented in the year 1895.

Since a large number of winning combination existed in the original poker game, it became very difficult to devise a machine, which could capture all the combinations of wins and reward accordingly.

The early version of the slot had three reels and only five symbols. The complexity of the old machine was negated in two simple ways as follows

  • Five symbols replaced 10 cards
  • Five drums were replaced by three reels.

Reading a winning combination became simple in this way.

Fey also devised a winning mechanism in the slot machine. This machine came to be known as the Liberty Bell. It marked the beginning of the modern day slot industry.

By 1907, the bell machine became so popular that it could be found in stationary shop, cigarette shop, saloons and barber shops. In fact, the manufacturers had a hard time coping up with the demand. Many slot manufacturers started copying this machine.

The Evolution of Slot Machine

Herbert Mills, a slot manufacturer upgraded the machine in 1908. There were other machines that were invented as well. One in particular became pretty popular known as the Trade Simulator.

This machine extended winnings in the form of chewing gums in different flavours. The different flavours were the symbols of this slot. The fact that this slot machine gave away food items allowed it to get away with a lot of gambling rules set up by the different states.

History of Slot MachineIn 1963, the first electromechanical slot was developed by Bally and was named as Money Honey. This was the first slot, which could give out winnings up to 500 coins without any human intervention.

This machine became extremely popular and this led to the dawn of a new slot regime with more and more theme attached to slots.

In America, the first video slot was introduced by WMS industries. Similar machines were adopted in Australia and became very popular. The speciality of this game was the fact that the display changed after the payout was done.

The Slot Machines Today!

Of course, the video slots these days have come a long way from then. For instance, Gonzo’s Quest slot by Net Entertainment is one of their most successful creations. It’s available to play at all the online casinos that use Net Entertainment’s gaming software.

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