Scatter Symbols-One of the Special Symbols to Lookout for in Slot Games!

The first thing to do is get familiar with the rules and regulations, whenever you are gambling or playing any slot game. Scatter symbols can be really helpful, when it comes to slot gaming.

New slot games are very different from original slot machine games. Not only do they have more reels and more pay lines, but they also have new rules and various bonus rounds to make sure that the player does not go back empty handed.

This gives all players innumerable opportunities to win big. Although scatter symbols are not relatively new, the way they have been utilised in slot gaming now is certainly different!

Original Scatter Symbols

Looking back at old slot machines, the only scatter symbols back then were the red cherries symbol. This symbol assured that the player won, no matter where the symbol showed up.

However, the winnings depended on the number of scatter symbols, which occur in a single spin. The scatter symbols were only a part of the original slot machines, but today they have the power to change the destiny of the player.

New Era Scatter Symbols

Digital slot machine games handed over the ultimate power to the designer. They could not only choose the look of the scatter symbols, but could also determine the role of scatter symbols in a video slot game.

For example, in Gonzo’s Quest video slot by Net Entertainment, the scatter symbol is the Free Fall symbol, through which the player can enable the Free Fall Bonus round. If the player manages to get three or more symbols, they can win 10 free falls.

As if this wasn’t enough, with each win the player gets a 3x multiplier and hence, can win multipliers up to 15x. All the winnings of the round go inside Gonzo’s hat at the end of the round.

Are Scatter Symbols Found in all Slot Games?

Most of the slots that feature five reels give a player the option of a scatter symbol. Apart from this, scatter symbols are usually not found in the games that feature three reels and thus, they have no bonus rounds for the players.

Slot games, which feature progressive jackpots and wild symbols along with bonus features most of the time, have scatter symbols.

How to Find Out if a Slot Game has Scatter Symbols?

There is a cool trick to find out whether or not a game has a scatter symbol. The gaming screen in most of the games will consist of a Paytable option. All you have to do is select the icon, which will open up another box. This is the place where you can find answers to all your questions, such as symbol information, bonus elements, general information and information about scatters.

This is actually a really good idea, since you can understand the rules of the game and you will be able to gather all the information regarding a particular slot game. Various other different symbols can also be understood such as wild and bonus icons, along with the different combinations that can make players win!

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